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At VOC Research, we provide our customers with a high value and return on investment by utilizing our personal touch and professional approach in every program.  Learn more below:

Professional Approach

  • VOC Research represents your company in a professional manner before, during and after each interview program. We professionally and politely pre-schedule our interviews to allow the interviewees to block off their schedules and focus their thoughts on the interview process to their fullest.

  • We listen closely to the voice of your customer, prospects and employees to apply their comments to the remaining interview questions to foster a conversational approach. This results in an interview with all of the required quantitative information along with substantial qualitative open-ended commentary from your customers, prospects and employees.

  • We respect your customers and their time by treating them in a professional and courteous manner. We are representing your company (and VOC Research) so we strive to make the experience a positive one for everyone.

Personal Touch

  • We conduct your interviews in an engaging, conversational manner so your customers, prospects or employees are at ease and engaged during the interview. 

  • We send a personalized thank you note to each interviewee on behalf of your company and VOC Research to thank them for their participation, opinions and valued feedback.

  • Our turn-around-time for delivering each completed Interview Snapshot is timely and accurate so you can quickly react to and/or respond to the comments in each interview internally and/or with your customers and prospects.

Value & ROI

  • We provide a suite of valuable services for a fair price. The ROI for our services is typically a small fraction of the revenue we can help you generate for your company.

  • We know how to extract actionable intelligence and provide recommendations from the completed interviews to help you use the information to win more business and retain more customers. We believe actionable intelligence is the best intelligence. 

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