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Win More Business.

Retain More Customers.


Voice of Customer Research (VOC Research) provides competitive intelligence services to help you win more business and retain more customers.


We specialize in professional, pre-scheduled and unbiased conversations with key decision-makers at your customers, prospects and intermediaries to gather their opinions, sentiments and voice of customer feedback regarding  your company’s and your key competitors' products and services.


VOC Research provides actionable intelligence and results so you can act on our findings in a timely manner.



 Our expertise in B2B VOC services will help you win more business and retain more customers.

Win Loss Interviews & Analysis

Implementation Interviews

& Analysis

Customer Satisfaction &

Retention Interviews & Analysis

Lost Customer (Churn) Interviews

& Analysis

Merger & Acquisition

Due Diligence Interviews

Employee Satisfaction Interviews

Competitor Battle Cards


VOC Research differentiates itself from its competitors by providing clients with a high value and return on investment by utilizing our professional approach and personal touch.

Professional Approach

Personal Touch

Value & ROI


As CEO of a large company, understanding exactly what is happening in the field can sometimes be elusive... The voice of the customer program, especially the win-loss analysis, filled this void for me. Bill Storey and his team provided structured output which was unvarnished and invaluable. The data kept senior management connected with the sales force and "in touch".... This is a "must have" capability for a CEO that really cares about his/her customers.

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