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B2B Voice Of Customer Research

Do you really know why you are winning or losing business?

Our B2B customers know why they, and their competitors,

win or lose a deal.


Shouldn’t you, too?

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competitive intelligence program for customer retention analysis
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Competitive Intelligence Firm for Churn Analysis

B2B Competitive Intelligence Companies

Voice of Customer Research (VOC Research) is a competitive intelligence company that provides business-to-business (B2B) companies like IBM, Liberty Mutual and WordPress with competitive intelligence services that increase business and retain customers.


We conduct expert, unbiased conversations with key decision-makers at your customers, prospects and intermediaries to gain a deep understanding of their experiences, expectations, and pain points regarding your company’s and competitors' products and services.


We then analyze and compile our findings to provide you with actionable intelligence and results.

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B2B Voice of Customer Tools

 Our expertise in B2B customer retention will help you win more business and retain more customers.

B2B Competitive Intelligence Firms


While many B2B businesses recognize the need for voice of customer research, they overlook the advantage of using an impartial consultant with a proven track record over their own internal teams or CRM system.


We offer our clients:

No Internal Bias

Years of Experience

Proven Track Record

Value & ROI

B2B Customer Retention Specialist
Competitive Intelligence Companies
B2B Win Loss Analysis to Win More Business
Customer Churn Analysis to Win More Business
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B2B Competitive Intelligence Program
Competitive Intelligence Firm for Voice of Customer Research
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Customer Churn Analysis for Competitive Intelligence Services
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B2B Voice of Customer Research


“I'm a huge Bill Storey / VOC Research fan. They've done amazing work for me for 4+ years. Probably the best vendor/partner relationship I've ever had. 

Director of Marketing - IBM (Varicent)

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