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B2B Competitive Intelligence Firms


B2B Competitive Intelligence Firms

While many B2B businesses recognize the need for voice of customer research, they overlook the advantage of using an impartial consultant with a proven track record over their own internal teams or CRM system.

VOC Research offers our clients:

No Internal Bias

The Importance of Unbiased Perspectives In B2B Voice of Customer Research

As an external customer intelligence and competitive intelligence professional, Bill Storey of VOC Research is detached from internal organizational dynamics, allowing him to approach your win loss analysis, customer retention analysis and churn analysis  initiatives with an unbiased perspective.

This impartiality is crucial for obtaining honest feedback from your B2B customers and key decision makers who are more likely to share candid insights when they perceive the research process as impartial and unbiased.


Additionally, neutrality is crucial for uncovering hidden issues, identifying areas for improvement, and understanding customer perceptions without internal organizational filters.

No Bias

Years of Experience

Experience is Crucial for Rendering Effective Results in Competitive Research

When it comes to planning and conducting effective B2B voice of customer research, experience and professionalism serve as the foundation upon which meaningful insights are built. Bill Storey has a proven track record in win-loss research, customer satisfaction research and customer retention analysis. Bill brings a level of objectivity and critical insight based on over 25 years of experience that would be challenging to find elsewhere. His commitment to adhering to ethical standards and maintaining the confidentiality of your sensitive information instills customer trust, ensuring unbiased and reliable outcomes.


Additionally, Bill's experience brings a deep understanding of the complexities of the B2B environment and an in-depth knowledge of industry trends. This experience allows him to expertly contextualize feedback, recognize industry-specific challenges and align insights with broader market dynamics, providing you with key insights and return on your investment.


Proven Track Record

Does your B2B Customer Research Consultant Have a Proven History of Success?

Bill has spent over 25 years assisting companies such as IBM, GE Healthcare, WordPress, TrustArc and Liberty Mutual win more customers and lose less business.


Bill has applied his varied industry experiences and engaging conversational interviewing skills to personally conduct over 5,000 professional, pre-scheduled conversations and has presented over 250 summary analysis presentations with customer leadership teams. 

Track Recod

Value & ROI

Value & Return on Investment (ROI)

VOC Research offers its customers a suite of valuable services for a fair price. The return on investment (ROI) generated by our services is typically a small fraction of the revenue we can generate for your company.

We believe actionable intelligence is the best intelligence. We know how to extract actionable intelligence on your behalf and provide you with recommendations from the completed interviews to help your team use the information to win more business and retain more customers. 

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