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B2B Customer Churn Analysis


B2B Customer Churn Analysis

Bill Storey of VOC Research specializes in helping B2B companies like IBM, WordPress and Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare win more business and retain more customers.


He does this by conducting interviews and analysis in four key areas of competitive research that, when expertly addressed, result in profound results and return on investment for his B2B clients. 

One of the most important and complex services is Customer Churn Analysis.

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  • Why customers stop doing business with your company 

Scroll down the page or click on the links below to learn more about B2B customer churn analysis and why it's important for the long-term success of your company.

What is Churn Analysis?

What is Customer Churn Analysis?

Customer loss, often referred to as churn, is a business metric that measures the rate at which customers stop doing business with a company during a given period of time. Churn is a significant concern for businesses, as losing customers can have negative impacts on revenue, profitability, and overall business success.

Customer churn analysis involves the examination of customer behavior and characteristics to understand and predict why customers are leaving a business. The goal is to identify patterns, trends, and factors associated with customer churn so that companies can take proactive measures to reduce attrition and retain valuable customers.

What is Custumer Churn Analysis?

B2B Customer Churn Analysis:  The Objective

The primary objective of churn research is to understand why customers are leaving or discontinuing their relationship with your company and gather insights that can guide strategic decisions to mitigate your customer attrition.

B2B Customer Churn Analysis: The Scope

Churn research typically involves analyzing the experiences and perceptions of the customers who have decided to stop working with your company. The focus is on identifying pain points, dissatisfaction, or external factors leading to their decision to leave.

B2B Customer Churn Analysis: Key Questions

  • Why are your customers leaving

  • What aspects of the product, service, or overall experience are unsatisfactory?

  • Are there patterns or commonalities among churned customers?

  • How can you win back a lost customer?

B2B Customer Churn Analysis

Why Customer Churn Analysis?

The Importance of Customer Churn Analysis

& Hiring the Right Consultant

Customer churn interviews and analysis require a detective-like approach. Understanding why B2B clients leave is often more challenging than understanding why they stay.


A seasoned consultant like Bill Storey of VOC Research brings a fresh set of eyes and a methodical approach to churn analysis, and the ability to pinpoint issues that may be contributing to customer attrition that internal members of your team may miss.


Bill's ability to connect the dots across different customer experiences can unveil critical insights that help his clients inform targeted retention strategies and achieve return on investment (ROI).

Expertly executed customer churn analysis will help your company:

Why Customer Churn Analysis

Understand Reasons for Customer Churn

Customer churn analysis helps your company pinpoint the specific reasons why clients decide to end their business relationships. This may include issues related to product performance, service quality, pricing, or changes in the client's business needs.

Proactively Solve Problems

Customer loss research conducted by an expert, impartial third-party allows your company to proactively address issues identified by departing clients. By implementing changes based on client feedback, your business can enhance customer satisfaction, potentially retaining existing clients and preventing future churn.

Make Informed Decisions

By hiring an expert to conduct thorough research, your company gains unbiased insights into areas that need improvement. Whether it's refining products, adjusting service delivery processes, or optimizing communication channels, the findings will guide strategic decisions to reduce customer churn.

Preserve Brand Image

Communicating changes and improvements based on the findings of customer loss research demonstrates a commitment to transparency and continuous improvement. This can help preserve your company's brand image and mitigate negative perceptions associated with client departures.


Adapt to Market Change

Understanding why clients choose to leave helps your business adapt its strategy and stay competitive. This knowledge is crucial for addressing weaknesses, emphasizing strengths, and positioning your company favorably in the market.​

Turn Departures into Opportunities

Expertly conducted interviews during customer loss research can create opportunities for your company to strengthen relationships, even with departing clients. Understanding their concerns and demonstrating a commitment to improvement may open doors for future collaboration.

B2B Customer Churn Analysis Takeaways

In short, B2B customer churn analysis and interviews are a proactive and strategic way for your company to delve into the reasons behind client departures.

Establishing a continuous improvement cycle with regular customer churn analysis and interviews ensures that your company will remain proactive in identifying and addressing potential reasons for customer churn. This ongoing commitment to understanding and adapting to your client needs is vital for long-term success.

By gaining insights into the dynamics of customer churn, your business can make informed decisions, enhance customer satisfaction, and position itself for sustained success in the competitive B2B landscape. 


Read testimonials from our satisfied B2B customers here.

Churn Analysis Conclusion
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