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B2B Customer Retention Analysis


B2B Customer Retention Analysis

Bill Storey of VOC Research is a Customer Retention Specialist who has spent the last 30 years helping B2B companies like IBM, WordPress and Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare win more business and retain more customers.


Bill does this by conducting interviews and analysis in four key areas of competitive research that, when expertly addressed, result in profound results and return on investment for his B2B clients. 

One of the key service offerings is Customer Retention Analysis.

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  • Understanding & addressing the factors influencing customers' decisions to stay with a company.


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B2B Customer Retention Cost

What is Customer Retention Analysis?

Customer Retention Analysis is a strategic process aimed at understanding and addressing the factors influencing customers' decisions to stay with a company. This involves conducting interviews with your existing customers to gather insights into their experiences, preferences, and reasons for remaining loyal. The interview phase involves meeting with key customer segments to ask them questions geared toward understanding their unique needs and expectations and to identify areas for improvement. The analysis phase involves systematically reviewing and interpreting the collected data to identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. The goal is to develop strategies that enhance customer satisfaction, strengthen relationships, and ultimately reduce churn. By focusing on customer retention analysis through qualitative research methods, your business can proactively address issues and foster long-term loyalty.

What is Custmer Retention Analysis

B2B Customer Retention Analysis:  The Objective

The objective of Customer Retention Analysis is to understand the factors influencing customer retention, aiming to enhance overall satisfaction, strengthen relationships, and mitigate churn. By uncovering key insights, your business can develop targeted strategies to retain existing customers and foster long-term loyalty.

B2B Customer Retention Analysis: The Scope

Customer Retention Analysis encompasses various aspects of the customer journey, including product or service experience, communication channels, support mechanisms, and overall satisfaction. It extends to understanding the unique needs and expectations of different customer segments and identifying areas for improvement to increase overall retention rates.

B2B Customer Retention Analysis: Key Questions

  • What factors contribute to your decision to continue your partnership with our company?

  • Can you share any instances you considered alternatives to our products/services?

  • Are there particular features or aspects of our products/services you find most valuable?

  • Have you encountered any issues in your interactions with our company, and how were they addressed?

  • How likely are you to recommend us to others, and what factors influence this likelihood?

Objective Customer Retention Analysis

B2B Customer Retention Specialist

The Importance of B2B Customer Retention Analysis

& Hiring the Right Consultant

B2B Customer Retention Analysis is vital as it uncovers insights into factors influencing customer loyalty. Understanding why your clients stay or leave helps your business tailor strategies for enhanced satisfaction and reducing churn. Retained customers contribute to revenue stability, cost efficiency, and positive word-of-mouth, providing a competitive edge. Regular research ensures ongoing adaptation to evolving customer needs, fostering long-term success in a dynamic market.

Obtaining objective and dependable results in Customer Retention Analysis can be difficult.  That's why hiring a Customer Retention Specialist like Bill Storey of VOC Research is critical. Bill offers unbiased analysis, ensuring accurate interpretation of findings. His experience in diverse industries provides valuable insights, streamlining the research process and yielding actionable strategies. This external viewpoint enhances objectivity and efficiency, delivering comprehensive and effective Customer Retention Analysis tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Expertly executed Customer Retention Analysis will help your company:

B2B Customer Retention Research

In the realm of B2B transactions, customer insight is crucial to the success of your business. Expert-led Customer Retention Analysis and Interviews serve as indispensable tools to solidify your client relationships.


By leveraging the expertise of professionals such as Bill Storey of VOC Research in performing Customer Retention Analysis to understand your client dynamics, your company will uncover actionable insights, drive strategic improvements, and foster lasting partnerships. The human touch in this process adds a level of understanding and nuance that are vital in navigating the complexities of client retention in your B2B landscape.

Read testimonials from our satisfied B2B customers here.

Importance of Customer Retention Analysis
Conclusion Customer Retention Analysis
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While many B2B businesses recognize the need for voice of customer research, they overlook the advantage of using an impartial consultant with a proven track record over their own internal teams or CRM system.

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