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B2B Voice of Customer Research


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competitive intelligence program for customer retention analysis
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Competitive Intelligence Firm for Churn Analysis

B2B Voice of Customer Research

Bill Storey founded Voice of Customer Research (VOC Research) in 2008 to help B2B companies like IBM, Liberty Mutual, WordPress and Harvard Health Care win more business and retain more customers through unbiased, in-depth conversations with key decision-makers at their customers, prospects and intermediaries.


Read below to see what our B2B Voice of Research customers say about our methodology, services and deliverables:

“I'm a huge Bill Storey / VOC Research fan. They've done amazing work for me for 4+ years. Probably the best vendor/partner relationship I've ever had.

Bill is extremely experienced. When he does win/loss interviews, his seasoning allows him to have very meaty discussions with the decision makers at our clients and prospects. He knows how to zig and zag to get the insights that are most impactful. Some other win/loss shops out there are more like call centers with rigid questionnaires.

Beyond that, Bill has been very flexible and has saved my bacon on multiple occasions when I was late getting him contact data...yet he completed his interviews and analysis in time for me to take all the credit here at IBM. You won't go wrong with VOC Research. Believe me.”

Director of Marketing - IBM (Varicent)

"I was looking to better understand why customers were leaving our service. We had a very complex service offering and were looking for an expert in our industry. We decided to use VOC Research and have never regretted the decision. The team came into our organization and shadowed our staff to learn more about the service which was something that no other vendor was offering to do for us. They then reached out to a large portion of our customers and gathered information about the service they were receiving. The data they gave us helped to restructure our service, which in turn increased our retention rate. It's a great organization and one that I would highly recommend."

VP of Managed Services - (Cox Automotive)

"I have valued partnering with VOC Research to support our client listening efforts through the years. They have helped us build and execute a thoughtful approach to these outreach efforts and delivered very meaningful insights that allow us to better understand our clients’ needs, satisfaction and areas for continual improvement. The team at VOC Research is very professional, demonstrated a strong understanding of our space, and has a great skill in guiding as well as documenting these client conversations. We’ve found the findings to be informative as well as actionable.”

VP of Marketing - nThrive (Precyse)

"VOC Research has been an important part of connecting with our customers and prospects. Having a true “Voice of Customer” experience is very important to us as we service our clients to make sure we are providing the best product possible to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare market. The intelligence we gain in VOC Research’s win/loss reviews helps us better compete on all the critical buying criteria of our prospects are leveraging to make decisions, whether it is price, our service offering, technology or our ability to be a great partner. VOC Research provides the insight into these critical sales and service elements which we have found to be invaluable. Their approach with our clients is consultative, their people are great interviewers and the reports we get with the details of the conversation are extensive. VOC Research has been our eyes and ears into these accounts, we appreciate the value they bring to our organization and our motivation to always be improving.”

VP of Sales - MediRevv

"As CEO of a large company, understanding exactly what is happening in the field can sometimes be elusive. In spite of spending 50% of my time with prospects and customers, I was challenged to keep my fingers on the pulse of how we were viewed in the marketplace. The Voice of Customer program, especially the win-loss analysis, filled this void for me. Bill Storey and his team provided structured output which was unvarnished and invaluable. The data kept senior management connected with the sales force and "in touch". Bill's presentations were constructive and in his inimitable manner, entertaining at times. This is a "must have" capability for a CEO that really cares about his/her customers."

President & CEO - IDX Systems Corporation (now GE Healthcare)

"Bill Storey and his team easily connect with potential customers, and as an independent third party can provide invaluable answers to questions we have. The insight they provide us is greatly appreciated.”

Sales Director - Verafin (Nasdaq)

"VOC Research has conducted loss analysis for us for the past three years and we have found them to be incredibly insightful and well done. The deliverables they provide after each loss analysis are always timely and chock full of great information! VOC Research has been great to work with, truly professional and I would recommend them and their services to any organization."

Sales Operations Director - Evolent Health. (Valence Health)

"In 2013, VOC Research began providing client insight to us through customer satisfaction interviews. Bill Storey and his team deliver professional, timely and detailed interview summaries. Bill’s ability to listen and ask meaningful follow-up questions provide us with vital insights.

The value and ROI we receive from VOC Research has improved our customer retention. The VOC process assisted our leadership team members in making informed decisions.”

Market Research Manager - MV Transportation

"VOC Research has worked with us for the past two years, and the experience has been fantastic in all respects. They have been extremely flexible, as internal factors have driven multiple rounds of changes to the engagements’ scope and timing, along with the roles of various parties involved. They are extremely reliable and diligent throughout the process, from launch to design to scheduling to conducting interviews to reporting. VOC Research represents us well from the perspective of our key B2B clients and external partners, and delivers valuable insights to our team. I recommend VOC Research highly.”

Market Research Analyst - Cushman Wakefield

"VOC Research helped us scientifically dive into an area of our business that we hadn’t been able to crack open before. By engaging directly with our clients they extracted the key points necessary to shine the line in the right places allowing us to implement corrective actions. Who better to gain insight on the clients experience than the clients themselves? VOC Research took the time to have deep conversations with our client base and it’s because of those rich engagements that we got to the heart of the matter.”

VP of Customer Service - (Cox Automotive)

"As the new Chief Revenue Officer, I was tasked with rebuilding our Go To Market machine with a focus on growth. One of the biggest opportunities for us was diagnosing and addressing our challenges around churned customers. While we had loss codes in Salesforce (self-reported by reps) and ad-hoc post-churn interviews conducted by our product marketing team, we had no holistic understanding shared across the enterprise as to why customers quit us. This is where Bill and VOC Research came in. Within a few short weeks, Bill conducted 15 interviews with customers who had recently churned $750,000 of ARR. His success rate in obtaining the customer's consent was impressive. And the detailed insights and patterns he was able to gather have shaped multiple processes and programs across the business. I'd hire VOC Research again in a heartbeat. The insights were golden!"

Chief Revenue Officer - TrustArc

"I've worked with VOC Research now over the course of two projects and have always enjoyed my interactions with their team. I find them to be approachable, flexible and very focused at the tasks needed to drive desired business outcomes. I haven't seen another offering like this in the marketplace. The unbiased customer data they glean through their interview process is invaluable to the decision-making approach to our products.”

Human Resource Director - IBM

“Bill has worked with us for the past two years, and the experience has been fantastic in all respects. He’s been extremely flexible, as internal factors have driven multiple rounds of changes to the engagements’ scope and timing, along with the roles of various parties involved.  He is extremely reliable and diligent throughout the process, from launch to design to scheduling to conducting interviews to reporting.  He represents us well from the perspective of our key B2B clients and external partners, and he delivers valuable insights to our team.  I recommend him (and VOC Research) highly.”

Market Research Analyst - Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

“VOC Research was key to building out our win-loss and overall customer/prospect intelligence program. Bill was fantastically responsive as we developed and iterated on the program, providing guidance on how we could improve and responding to our changing needs for insights. Through working with VOC Research we were able to understand areas of improvement in our sales process and methodology, product capabilities and direction and pricing model.

Working with VOC helped us in quite a number of ways.  First, we quickly discovered our assumptions around pricing and market willingness to pay a price premium for our offering were wrong and that, in fact, one of our key competitors had pricing power.  This led us to make changes in our pricing structure.  Second, it gave us much greater insight into our prospects and which capabilities they actually valued which shifted both our segmentation and product direction. Finally, it helped us understand skill gaps within our sales force which led us to put a renewed focus and training on solution selling.”

Director of Product Marketing - Leanplum

"As CEO of a publicly traded company in the healthcare information technology industry, I interacted with Bill Storey of VOC Research on a regular basis. I felt Bill and his team enhanced the pure data that was presented in a way that gave that data more credibility. They were instrumental in driving many decisions about our competitive strategy because of their superb knowledge of our industry and insights about our competition. As an independent consultant, I would highly recommend using VOC Research to anyone who wants a clear understanding of their competitive position in their industry.”

CEO - IDX Systems Corporation (now GE Healthcare)

“Working with Voice of Customer Research has been an absolute pleasure. Bill and his team have a knack for getting sales prospects to open up about their purchasing decisions, and our company has been able to use the insights gained from the research process to improve the way we market, sell, and deploy our software product.”

Director of Product Marketing - Ironclad

“The insights provided by VOC Research have been instrumental in helping ensure we continue to meet our customers’ expectations. Their detailed planning, well-organized approach, and thoughtful reporting are valuable not only to our account teams but also demonstrate our commitment to customer excellence to the customers themselves.”

Chief Marketing Officer - MV Transportation

"Voice of Customer Research (VOC Research) has performed valuable inquiries with prospects and existing customers to help us determine through independent questioning, review, and analysis more granular data-driven rationale behind their respective decision making. VOC Research went to great lengths to understand our market, our competition, and decision factors prior to engaging with each contact so while still representing a third party voice, it was one with demonstrated insider knowledge.”

CEO - Marathon Health

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